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DIALIGN [home]

Dialign 2.2.1 - Welcome

This is the new homepage of the DIALIGN multiple-alignment program at Göttingen Bioinformatics Compute Server (GOBICS)

If you use DIALIGN, please cite this paper:

L. Al Ait, Z. Yamak, B. Morgenstern (2013)
DIALIGN at GOBICS - multiple sequence alignment using various sources of external information
Nuc. Acids Research 41, W3-W7

Several versions of DIALIGN are available online at GOBICS:

Anchored DIALIGN
Multiple sequence alignment with optional user-defined constraints
Pair-wise and multiple alignment of genomic sequences using CHAOS and DIALIGN.
Greedy and progressive approaches for segment-based multiple sequence alignment
In addition, the latest version of DIALIGN is available for download.